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Top Trends in Crafts 

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We frequently receive questions about trends in craft shows, and what types of crafts do well at the Northrop Craft Show.   We thought it may be helpful to begin to compile a list of guides and articles of whats happening and whats going well.

Repurpose.   In our experience over the last couple of years of operating the Northrop Spring and Fall Craft Events,  we noticed a big jump in crafters who offer household and decor items that have been repurposed and/or upscaled.  

We have some amazing vendors that have been with us for several years and do very well with their sewing, knitting, and hand-crafted items and fashions.   It is also exciting to see a younger generation of crafters become passionate about repurposing every day items.   
People love buying trinkets and gifts from craft shows because it’s a cute and unique gift they can give to anyone — even someone they don’t know very well!  

At the Northrop show .... product price points less than $30 are popular.

Here are some ideas to consider when building your inventory for a fall craft fair:
  • Holidays – think stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts, neighbors gifts, gift card holders
  • Thanks – everyone has someone they want to say thanks to
  • Functional and Decorative
Creativity is the name of the game for the upcoming year, with loads of fun crafts making your creative work even more enjoyable. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular trends we can expect.

Metals Become More Magical
Is there anything better than a flash of metallic in your crafts, whether that includes glitter or ribbons? If you’re tired of gold, make use of the new trend: that of using different metallic in craft, such as bronze and pastels. It’s about giving your work as dash of style without losing color!

Nature Steps into Your Craft Studio 
Touches of nature add an organic and refreshing element to your crafts, so bring in leaf motifs, floral patterns or raw elements such as flowers from the garden. Whether you’re crocheting, knitting, painting or dabbling in embroidery, nature is a lovely form of expression.  

Calligraphy is Cooler Than Ever 
The trend started this year and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, which is a great thing! Handwriting with pretty fonts is a wonderful way to add a bit of poetry to your DIY tasks, or give your artistic personality a new creative outlet. Whether it’s pretty cards or quotes painting and mounted into picture frames, there are so many cool ways to enjoy calligraphy. 

Craft Kits for Kids.  
What better way to inspire the next generation than craft kits with items that will prompt creativity .... and time together.

Technology Inspired Crafts
With 3D printers getting cheaper every day look for more crafters having tools such as 3D printers, electronic die cutting machines, etc, to use in their crafting.